Sunday, December 18, 2016



Bugis in Indonesia, have a long history of sailing and ship building with traditional techniques. The reportage covered the southern part of Sulawesi island, the original homeland of this sea culture that is rightly defined as the "Phoenicians of Asia", and where Pinisi ships are still built on the beaches using only wood and no iron rods. They used to sail (and a few still do) from Makassar to Borneo and on to Jakarta and the ports of Southeast Asia, where they created several communities.
The portfolio is a collection of images shoot digitally in 2010 then selected for fine art refining in 2016.

This print is part of the series in the Bugis gallery composed of 40 images.

The fine art 2016 edition has a 6 copies run for the 42x63cm size on Epson Cold Press Natural paper, respecting the Digigraphie standards.
As all of the other prints it comes signed with it's authenticity certificate.
(Standard print is also available)