Friday, February 17, 2017


Puri, India

Sahara, Algeria
Part of the long lasting BELIEVERS project, whose images were published in several books, these images were captured in 2001 in the sacred city of Puri, on the East coast of India, in the Sahara desert of Algeria, in Antigua Guatemala.
Searching for these intimate moments of intense spirituality was in fact the focus of my work: mass, collective moments are part of the religious culture worldwide, but what I really love is the moment when the individual faces alone the God he worships. However he calls It.

These prints are part of the series in the Belivers gallery composed of 48 images.

The fine art 2016 edition has a 10 copies run for the 42x63cm size on Epson Cold Press Natural paper, respecting the Digigraphie standards.
As all of the other prints it comes signed with it's authenticity certificate.
(Standard print is also available)

Semana Santa, Guatemala